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Non-NFA FFL Transfers
Mfg: 3GuySupply
Mfg Part ID: GunTransfer

Our Price:




We do FFL transfers - whether it's for a pistol or rifle.

We do transfers BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

We charge $20 per transfer, which includes one firearm. Additional firearms transferred at the same time are an additional $10 each - so three firearms would cost $40 to transfer, rather than $60.

We offer a $5 discount (off the total cost) for LEO/Military/EMS/FD; please choose the pertinent option. Please be aware that when you come to pick up your item, you will need to show photo identification, or, you will need to pay the difference before we run your transfer.

We now ALSO offer a CHL Bypass: If you have already done at least one transfer with us using NICS, with an affirmative "Proceed" result, and you have a current, valid (Issued after March 23, 2015) Ohio Concealed Handgun License, we will now accept an additional fee of $20 per transfer to expedite your 4473 background check using your CHL as an exception. This is only permitted for a single firearm at a time, not for multiples (ie. 2 or more), or more than one firearm within a 7-day period.

If you wish, we can also accept payment directly at time of transfer. We prefer cash, but can facilitate CC payments through PayPal as well.

Please note, it is IMPERATIVE that you contact us before making your online purchase, to validate that we can facilitate your transfer to your satisfaction. We also need you to send us tracking information AT LEAST a day prior so we can assure receipt of your firearm.

If you do not contact us and provide shipping details (Tracking # and Destination Address) prior to initiating your transfer, you may at our discretion be charged an additional $10 administrative fee.

You can download a file copy of our FFL HERE (to provide to a distributor who may not already have us in their system).

You must provide government-issued photo ID showing your current address. If you have moved, you may also bring "supplemental" documentation, which per the ATF 4473 18(b) instructions, must also be valid, government-issued documentation showing your residence address.

Please be aware that Ohio requires that you notify the BMV of your change of address within 10 days.
You can now do this Online.

We use the NICS EZ-Check system for rapid NICS transactions - most are done in less time than it takes you to fill out your Form 4473.

If you have been denied or delayed for a firearms transfer through the NICS system, you can Click Here to read more about the appeals process.